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2012 ● 11 ● 09Test: do you like persimmon?


Do you like persimmon?
You feel that you look awfully. Suddenly someone gives you a compliment. What will you do?
A. I'm feared. I thought that I'm alone in this room.
B. I'm pleased but try to hide it with apoplectic stroke.
C. I begin to cover myself with kisses.

Your head was cut with plane's propeller. What will you do?
A. I'll fall on the road.
B. I'll run away from the plane, waving my hands like a headless chicken.
C. I will try to look calmly.

You take a bath. Suddenly you hear your cell phone ringing. What will you do?
A. I will continue taking a bath like I didn't hear anything.
B. I'll run out, waving my hands.
C. I'll ask the audience what to do.

You have EXTREMELY big ears. What variant will you choose?
A. variant A.
B. variant B.
C. variant A.

Let's sum up!
If you have mainly chosen 'A'
You are independent, others' preferences about persimmons don't bother you.

If you have mainly chosen 'B'
You can funnily wave your hands and run in critical situations.

If you have mainly chosen 'C'
You are pragmatic. And no one knows what it means.

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Focus on November 11th 2012, 2:08 pm

My results are:

Test: do you like persimmon? 650269930

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