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2012 ● 11 ● 15How to create a GOOD topic


You can create topics in any time. They can be created with such buttons:

How to create a GOOD topic Dddddd17

First of all you should provide a good title. It shouldn't contain one word. Your topics are mostly found via search, so better title for topic about your drawings will not be "My drawings", but "My drawings - watercolors".

If you use pictures it will make your topic much interesting. You should use pictures that don't exceed 1000x1000 pixels in size. Otherwise use prewiew code. Big images are automatically resized and enlarged after you clicked on it.
A better usage of images is center alignment. You can also give signatures in such way. For example:

How to create a GOOD topic P_mulf10
This kid is a genius! How to create a GOOD topic 2607029568

Please provide link if you are using some information from other sites. It is also good if you give links to other similar topics on our sites.

When you tell about some news or interesting facts it will be good for you to write your own attitude.

Use smilies. If you don't, your topics will look dead How to create a GOOD topic 2113965524

Don't forget using text effects. But you shouldn't use it all the time, it will make your message unreadable.

Use lists.

  • It structurizes information;
  • It is easier to read;
  • It shows the most important information in humanistic way;
  • It looks so cute How to create a GOOD topic 2774444739

If you create a poll, you would better place it in section "Polls and Contests".

If you tell about holiday it would be better to make a calendar event.

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